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Name of the Bank: State Bank of India

Website ID: http://www.statebankofindia.com

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State Bank of India has an extensive administrative structure to oversee the large network of branches in India and abroad. The Corporate Centre is in Mumbai and 14 Local Head Offices and 57 Zonal Offices are located at important cities spread throughout the country. The Corporate Centre has several other establishments in and outside Mumbai, designated to cater to various functions. Our Colleges/Institutes/Training Centres are the seats of learning and research and development to spread the wings of knowledge not only to our employees but also other banks/establishments in India and abroad.

The Corporate Accounts Group is a Strategic Business Unit of the Bank set up exclusively to fulfil the specialised banking needs of top corporates in the country.

State Bank of India has 52 foreign offices in 34 countries across the globe.

State Bank of India invites you to take a journey to understand the potential of not just a large but truly global organisation.


Name of the Bank: State Bank of Hyderabad

Website ID: http://www.sbhyd.com/

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Name of the Bank: Andhra Bank 

Branches: http://andhrabank.in/scripts/AllIndiaBranchList.aspx

Website ID: http://andhrabank.in/

Email IDs:



Loans: http://andhrabank.in/scripts/


Name of the Bank: Canara Bank


Website ID: http://www.canarabank.com/English/Home.aspx

Contact: http://www.canarabank.com/English/Scripts/ContactUS.aspx



Name of the Bank: Central Bank of India 

Website ID: http://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/

Contact: http://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/english/loans.asp

Loans: http://www.centralbankofindia.co.in/english/loans.asp


Name of the Bank: Vijaya Bank

Website ID: http://www.vijayabank.com/

Email IDs:

Resident Indians

E-Mail To : customercell@vijayabank.com

Head office located at :
41/2, Trinity Circle, M.G. Road,
Phone no. 080 – 25584066 (20 lines)

Shri. Albert Tauro,
Chairman & Managing Director.

Phone No. (Direct)    : 080-25584055
               (General) : 080 – 25584650

FAX             : 080 – 25598040
Email            : cmd@vijayabank.co.in

Shri. S.C. Kalia,
Executive Director.

Phone No. (Direct)    : 080-25594412

          FAX             : 080 – 25584201
          Email            : ed@vijayabank.co.in